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Wimmer-Bades Maultrommeln

Ilse Bades
Im Sperrboden 1
4591 Molln
Tel. 07584 / 2831 - Fax. 07584 /39611
Mail: wimmer-bades@maultrommel.at

UIT/ATU: 41219908

Wimmer-Bades Jews harp - juridical references

The firm "W.B. Jews harps" want to thank you for choosing this web-site and is very happy about your interest in our products. In this homepage you are asked for personal data you can answer this questions of your own free will. All these data will be used and treated only for the individual care of the customer, to send you informations about our products or to provide you with our services. The firm "W.B. Jews harps" guarantees, that all your personal data are treated strictly confidential, according to the valid rules.


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All rights reserved. Animations and videos as well as the design , pictures, graphic arts, sound and texts of our homepage are under the legal protection of the copyright and of other applicable laws. The contents of this website must not be changed for commercial use, must not be duplicated, wide- spread, changed or made accessible to unauthorized persons. Should we unknowingly commit a violation of the rights of somebody else, please send us a message. We will react immediately.

No guarantee

This website was made very carefully. Nevertheless, the firm " Wimmer- Bades Jews harp " cant guarantee the faultlessness and precision of all the informations, The firm " Wimmer-Bades Jews harp " excludes any responsibility for damages that arise directly or indirectly from the use of this homepage, as long as they are not caused on purpose or gross negligence by the firm " Wimmer - Bades Jews harp ".

No licence

It was end still is intention of the firm " Wimmer - Bades Jews harp ", to present the Firm, the colleagues and the articles in a modern and informative way in these web-sites. If you have ideas for an improvement or other suggestions, please let us know. We will like to take them into consideration, but be aware that the intellectual property and the shown products are protected legally by copyright. This web -site does not give a licence for the use of the intellectual property of the firm " Wimmer - Bades Jews harp " to unauthorized persons.

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